Behind the Scenes

Erica Blogs Cakes is the reincarnation of the former Seven Little Monkeys which was originally launched in 2013 by Aurora, Ontario moms, Erica Gomez and Laura Veloso and which continues to be operated by Erica.

With four children of her own, Erica has hosted many a birthday party, each one unique and special. She is a big believer in “doing it yourself” and unearthing the most budget-friendly options for decorations, party favours, and menu items along with recruiting the help of talented and crafty friends, like Laura, for personalized, finishing touches.

Whether it is custom birthday invitations or kid-friendly venues, loot bags or cakes, DIY craft ideas or how-to video tutorials, Erica Blogs Cakes has everything you need to plan the ultimate birthday.

Also, because grown-ups also deserve to have a little fun, you will also find a section on adult-themed parties. And as our kids get older, we will move into the ‘tween- and teen-themed parties. Wait…do teens even DO parties anymore?

Let’s get the party started!

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Want to know more about the mom behind the apron? Read Erica’s personal blog at Erica Blogs