Boo! Scare Up Some Fun Halloween Treats

Bake up some fun Halloween treats with your little ones and scare up some fun!
I just love these Halloween cookies in the shapes of pumpkins, spider webs, bats, ghosts and tombstones!


With school food restrictions being what they are, due to the nature and severity of allergies, it is ill-advised to bring in home-baked Halloween treats. However, you can still have fun baking up some Halloween treats for your little ones at home. The cookies above were ones I made three years ago using a few of the Halloween-themed cutters I had.

Click here for Erica’s recipe for the BEST Cream Cheese Cut-Out Sugar Cookies.

Tip: If you stick with a theme, you can usually get away with only 2-4 icing colours. White is the standard which means for the cookies you see above I only needed to colour orange and black. Or use fondant cut out in the same shape as the cookie for quick decorating!

Tip: If you shop off-season, sometimes you can score a deal on seasonal or themed cookies cutters or baking accessories. I got my set of Wilton Halloween cookie cutters at Winners. Ditto for the bone candy for the “RIP” on the headstones. I think the candy eyes I got at Bulk Barn.

Cake Pops

Now, if you’re feeling all super-motivated and aren’t concerned about the state of your kitchen, go ahead and try making these Halloween cake pops!

Bake up some fun Halloween treats with your little ones and scare up some fun!
These cakes pops were shaped, chilled, then dipped and decorated as pumpkins, spiders, witches, eyeballs and headstones.

Be forewarned, though, cake pops are very time-consuming. I would recommend you check out my Dos and Don’ts of Cake-Popping before you take on this project. That being said, your kids will love you forever for making these boo-tiful treats on a stick!

Tip: Get creative with candy to decorate your cake pops: licorice laces for spider legs and witches’ hair, candy corn and a Mercken’s or Wilton purple melting chocolate wafer make the witches’ hat and, of course, the candy eyeballs come in handy.

Bake up some fun Halloween treats with your little ones and scare up some fun!
For something a little easier, pat down your cake+icing mix into a pan then cut out shapes with Halloween cookie cutters!


Trust me when I say cupcakes do NOT have to be complicated AT ALL. Stick some orange icing on them with a green candy jujube and you’ve got a pumpkin, for example. I mean take a look at these ones I threw together for my kids EONS ago. Super cheesy but they loved them. Why? Because they’re cupcakes!

Bake up some fun Halloween treats with your little ones and scare up some fun! It doesn't have to be fancy!
Pretty sure I used icing-out-of-a-container for these. Oh, how times have changed.

And two years ago I made these for my coworkers (below). My icing turned more of a salmon-pinky-orange so I made these quick fondant toppers to hide it. Guess what? Nobody cared. They ate every last one.

Bake up some fun Halloween treats with your little ones and scare up some fun!
Fondant cupcake toppers can really pull a theme together quickly and easily.

Tip: Cupcakes freeze really we so you can bake them ahead of time and then take them out when it’s time to decorate. Allow to come to room temperature first.

Tip: If making your own fondant seems too industrious (or you don’t need a big batch), you can buy multi-packs, usually at Wal-Mart, Michael’s or Bulk Barn for smaller decorating projects. Also, consider edible markers by Americolor or Wilton for drawing on details.


And, of course, you could make a Halloween-inspired cake, particularly if you’re celebrating a Halloween birthday. I haven’t had occasion to do so but there are so many fun options out there that vary in terms of difficulty. A quick search will yield plenty of ideas.

Will you be baking up any scary surprises this Halloween? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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