Caution: Cakes and Chaos Ahead

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No stranger to birthday parties, with four kids aged 12 and under, Erica offers some tips, tricks and how-tos for hosting budget-friendly bashes. She'll even show you her cakes and share her cake pop (mis)adventures.
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**This post was originally published on on May 19, 2010 when Erica was embarking on her own home cake business. While that business venture would prove to be short-lived, the nervous energy from the early days is fun to remember.**

Ask me if I am excited for next month? If by ‘excited’ you mean: a feeling of anticipation in a gut-wrenching, nerve-racking sort of way, then, yes, I am ‘excited’. I have four cakes to do. One per week. Count ‘em: one…two…three…four. Cuatro. Now, four may not seem like many, but to me it is a big undertaking because I have to work around my kids. This means squeezing in baking at nap time and decorating after they’ve crashed around 8pm. Not exactly a recipe for success.

I am sure my fellow novice bakers will agree that you can not rush baking, especially a cake. My rush jobs have only ended up in the garbage, or as scraps served up as a late-night snack disguised with ice-cream and chocolate sauce. But I digress. Cakes need a delicate touch. They need love and creativity. They need time. And time, my friends, is in short supply chez Gomez.

Nevertheless, in anticipation of an ’exciting’ and busy month ahead, I’ve tried to get a jump on things and begun preparing by stocking up on baking supplies; gradually adding to my inventory such sexy items as a half-sheet cake pan, a monster fondant rolling pin, pearl dust, wooden dowels…  I’ve also begun collecting ideas and mapping out what my cakes will look like, which is pretty fun. Admittedly, it is a daunting task to produce an end result that, at the same time, will somewhat resemble the idea in my head, will be pleasing to the audience and will make people want to come back for seconds.

Among the cakes I have undertaken to make in the month of June, two are for big, high-visibility events. The first is work-related: I’ll be making a MasterCard cake for our booth at the Aurora Street Festival on June 6th. The Festival has over 500 vendors and thousands of visitors.

The second is a cake which I will be donating to Wyatt’s Warriors 3rd Annual Charity Golf Tournament on June 19th, an event which draws about 200 golf- and steak-lovers. This cause has special meaning for me as it raises awareness of congenital heart defects and all donations are in support of SickKids Foundation.

Fortunately for me, the ‘big’ kids are in school till the third week of June. This ought to buy me some time so hopefully the only chaos around here will be of the ‘organized’ variety.

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Erica kicked off her party-planning adventures when her eldest turned one and even had a home cake business for a short time. Now, four kiddos later, she shares the cakes she has made over the past 12 years as well as ideas and tutorials for hosting budget-friendly birthday parties. And if you're looking for the ins and outs of how to make (or break) cake pops, you've come to the right place!

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