Host a Fabulous Cineplex Popcorn Party

Four kids and nearly two dozen birthday parties and finally, FINALLY, we took a party outside the home. I have to say, the Cineplex Popcorn Party at the Aurora theatre was the perfect venue for the 8-year old boy crowd.

Cineplex Popcorn Party at Seven Little Monkeys

When you book a Popcorn Party you are assigned your own theatre associate who looks after all the party details. Every question I had was answered and on the afternoon of the party, every detail was handled effortlessly. You should know, however, that when you book your date, you are given the approximate party time which will only be confirmed the Tuesday prior to the show, per company procedure.

At the Aurora Cineplex you have the choice from a couple of party rooms but I loved the colourful one we picked. Here’s a look:

Awesome venue: Popcorn Party party room at Aurora Cineplex. Find these and other party ideas at

Cineplex Popcorn Parties Skylanders theme. Find these and other party ideas at

The cost of booking a Popcorn Party is per guest, with extra for 3D movies and meal. Personal popcorn and snack tray is included for each young theatre-goer. Also, if you have 8+ guests, the party boy/girl is free!

In our case, we did opt to bring our own healthy fruit and veggie trays, much to my children’s chagrin: “Where’s the pizza?” Honestly, what I spent at Wendy’s on the drive home I could have spent at the theatre to feed everyone. Mom fail. But, hey, I brought cake!

I also brought a couple of posters, birthday banner and streamers. And while plates and cups are provided, I did bring my own to go with the theme, which was Skylanders Swap-Force (and had nothing at all to do with the movie: The LEGO Movie). I got up in the middle of the movie to see about setting up the party room only to find IT HAD ALL BEEN DONE! Awesome.

Some of the party theme details:

Skylanders Swap-Force water bottles at a Cineplex Popcorn Party. Find these and other party ideas at

Skylanders Swap-Force loot bags with LEGO mini-fig key chain at a Cineplex Popcorn Party. Find these and other party ideas at

And the cake, of course.

Skylanders Swap-Force cake at a Cineplex Popcorn Party. Find these and other party ideas at

Family at the Cineplex Popcorn Party. Find these and other party ideas at


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