How to Host a Master LEGO Party

LEGO. Equal parts joy and pain. Frustration and fun. The joy that comes from watching your child spend hours creating and re-creating, seeing his or her ideas unfold and take shape with each stack of a block. The unimaginable pain that emanates when your foot comes into contact with a handful of those plastic blocks whilst peeking in on your sleeping angel in the middle of the night. The frustration that comes from not being able to curse like a sailor as a result.

Well, we just amped up the fun factor with an explosion of colors, textures and tastes at this vibrant LEGO party, celebrating my son’s 7th birthday.

Laura and I began planning the party weeks in advance so that we could shop around for supplies and scour the web for ideas. We packed a lot of fun into two hours and we managed to keep the birthday boy and his four guests engaged. This is what we came up with and we’d love to hear what you think.

The Invitations

It all begins with the invitation and, as usual, I chose to make my own. Folded and sealed with a Lego sticker and then the front made to look like a Lego block. Pretty nifty, right?

Custom homemade LEGO invitation: these and other fun birthday ideas at


This is where Laura’s natural creativity and craftiness come into play. An amazing Lego banner. Each letter is laminated and the banner can easily be reused by simply substituting out the age. And with seven kids between us, odds are good that there will be another Lego party in our future.DIY Lego party banner: these and other fun birthday ideas at

Check out these fabulous juice box Lego sleeves! (Gotta love Pinterest, folks!) Colorful DIY juice box Lego sleeves: these and other fun birthday ideas at

And how about this Lego mini-fig made in the likeness of the birthday boy? Creative Lego Mini Figure cardboard cut-out: these and other fun birthday ideas at

The Food

On the day of my son’s actual birthday I made these rainbow cupcakes (for the first time ever). So time-consuming but totally fun to bite into layers of green, yellow, blue and red. Topped with homemade butter cream icing and candy blocks. (Fun fact: the candy toppers were SO hard. I would not recommend trying to bite into them.) Cupcakes are also a great alternative to serving cake, particularly if you are having a small party. Lego rainbow cupcakes: these and other fun birthday ideas at

The Lego-bright table was a feast for the eyes, complete with color-coded candies and a chip bowl made of…wait for it…LEGO! Brightly-set snack table for Lego-themed birthday party: these and other fun birthday ideas at

We also served up healthy veggie snacks in bright Lego colors and pizza cut into rectangles with pepperoni arranged on top to look like…Lego! Awesome food table for a LEGO-themed birthday party: these and other fun birthday ideas at

Oddly enough, the kids seemed more interested in this stuff. Weird. Fun candy idea for a LEGO-themed birthday party: these and other fun birthday ideas at

And how spectacular are the faces on these Lego mini-fig cake pops? Awesome LEGO mini-fig cake pops: these and other fun birthday ideas at

Game on!

The first game for the 6-7 year-old crowd was the Lego Build-a-Dino challenge. I think the biggest challenge was Laura and me, weeks earlier, trying to come up with a design to which we had all the pieces in order for each of the boys to be able to recreate it. These guys were our models and the boys did a very skillful job of putting together their dinos from sight. They got to take their completed projects home as part of their party favor. Build a LEGO dinosaur birthday activity: these and other fun birthday ideas at

Bingo! But with a Lego twist! If you have a color printer and are computer savvy, you, too, can create your own Bingo board and cards. The kids LOVED this game. We also laminated our boards and game cards so the game can be reused. DIY LEGO Bingo for a LEGO-themed birthday party: these and other fun birthday ideas at

Loot Boxes!

Did you happen to notice these fantastic Lego loot boxes in the picture above? Laura created the template and cut out and folded the boxes which were then filled with the Lego dinos, a cake pop, a Lego Ninjago sticker puzzle and a Lego mini-figure (the splurge item since the number of guests was so small).

Let them eat cake!

You can’t have a party without cake. Well, you can, but it just isn’t the same. (Fun fact: letting the kids stock up on candy will kill any appetite for cake, which means…more for me! Also, please read section on cupcakes.) I make all my kids’ cakes and after much research I was inspired to make this bright and blocky square cake. It’s also the first time I’ve done a smoothed butter cream finish instead of fondant. Soooo yummy! The ultimate LEGO cake: these and other fun birthday ideas at

We’d love to hear what you think. And if you have any LEGO party ideas, we’d love it if you’d share!

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