How to Make Easy, Kid-Friendly Marshmallow-Popcorn-Topped Cupcakes: Video Tutorial and Template

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No stranger to birthday parties, with four kids aged 12 and under, Erica offers some tips, tricks and how-tos for hosting budget-friendly bashes. She'll even show you her cakes and share her cake pop (mis)adventures.
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If there was ever an inconvenient time to break my arm, I’d say two weeks before one of my kids’ birthdays takes the cake.

Scrapping our original plan to make a popcorn box cake, I suggested to my daughter, who turned 11 in July, that she could help me make movie-themed cupcakes. This is how they turned out:

Check out these super fun, kid-friendly marshmallow-topped 'popcorn' cupcakes perfect for your next Hollywood-themed party at, right??

Plan Ahead

So you will need to work in stages and recruit help, if you can. Take a look at the suggested times below to plan your prep and assembly times.

  • Marshmallow popcorn: 2-4 hours (it took my two kids two hours to get through one bag, which is enough to cover 12 cupcakes). These are best made and left, loosely covered, to sit several hours or overnight.
  • Cupcakes: 1 hour to prep and bake.
  • Icing: 15-20 minutes (some icings are best made at the last minute while others will store well, covered and refrigerated).
  • Cupcake wrappers: 30 minutes to print and cut 12.
  • Assembly of 12 cupcakes: 30-45 minutes.

Make and Bake

Bake up your favourite cupcakes or use our favourite double chocolate cupcake recipe here or our favourite white vanilla recipe here. Do still line your muffin tin(s) to prevent the oils from the cupcakes seeping into the cupcake wrappers when assembling them later.

Depending on your timeline, let your cupcakes cool then either store in an airtight container several hours or overnight 0r freeze in a zip-loc bag up to several weeks in advance, until ready to assemble.

Make your marshmallow popcorn; or rather have your kids watch this video and then get them to make the marshmallow popcorn.


Make your go-to white butter cream icing or use our whipped vanilla cream frosting recipe.

Cut out the cupcake wrappers using Laura’s awesome and free downloadable Popcorn_Cupcake_Wrapper_Printable to complete the look.


First, wrap your unfrosted cupcakes with the cupcake wrappers, securing with a strip of double-sided tape. The wrapper will come up a bit past the top of the cupcake, forming a little lip.

Free downloadable movie popcorn cupcake wrapper printable template at

Second, pipe a not-too-thick layer of icing onto the cupcake.

Finally, cover the cupcake tops with the marshmallow popcorn. The stickiness will actually help them clump together. Fill any gaps and you’re done!

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Erica kicked off her party-planning adventures when her eldest turned one and even had a home cake business for a short time. Now, four kiddos later, she shares the cakes she has made over the past 12 years as well as ideas and tutorials for hosting budget-friendly birthday parties. And if you're looking for the ins and outs of how to make (or break) cake pops, you've come to the right place!

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