How to Throw a Dynamite Minecraft Party on a Dollar Store Budget

4. TNT Block

Bristol board or poster board, white duct tape, scissors, printed letters and double-sided tape or hot glue. By the way, ALL of these things are available at Dollarama.

We covered the framed family collage (that I deemed too heavy to take down) with a red plastic tablecloth and then attached the TNT board to it with tape. This provided a colourful backdrop to the goodie table, which was covered in a white plastic tablecloth.

Fun, don’t you think?

Find out how to make this easy DIY Minecraft TNT block; a colourful backdrop to the goodie table. Hint: you'll need duct tape and bristol board.
Isn’t this TNT block just dynamite?

5. Minecraft Pig

I asked Hannah to make me a pig and she delivered. Initially I thought we’d play ‘Pin the Tail on the Pig’ (genius, I know) but then we just decided he looked cute on the goodie table.

Speaking of goodie table…we’ll get to that soon.

And the tent cards — so cute…we’ll get to those,too.

6. Birthday Banner

When Laura asked if there was anything she could do to help with the party my only request was a banner. Bet you didn’t know Minecraft Steve had a birthday skin, did you? This is why Laura rocks. In all my research I never once saw Steve wearing a party hat, yet, here he is, in all his birthday glory.

In true “go big or go home” style, she got busy mounting perfect squares on contact paper, which was a genius way to hold the banner together, and we hung it on the curtain rod with plastic ties.

Amazeballs. (Yes, I did so just say that.)

Having creative friends means you get an awesome Minecraft birthday banner. Who knew Steve had a party hat?
Who knew Steve had a birthday skin and wore a party hat?

7. Spider (no, not a squid)

Why my kids, who all are notorious Minecraft fans, kept asking if this is a squid, is beyond me.

There’s a squid in Minecraft?

Apparently so.

Hannah made this guy from a black balloon, streamers and, yes, duct tape.


Making this Minecraft spider was so simple.
I’m not usually a fan of spiders but my daughter made this guy so it’s ok.

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