How to Throw a Dynamite Minecraft Party on a Dollar Store Budget

8. The Food

So, of course we all know what watermelon and carrots look like. But what if pretzels were sticks and Twizzlers were TNT, y’all?

Make these Minecraft tent cards with a free downloadable template from
Simple food with playful tent cards.
Make these Minecraft tent cards with a free downloadable template from
When is a pretzel not a pretzel?

Again, I’m not reinventing the wheel, but it’s such a fun element to assign a food to Minecraft-related items. Hershey chocolates in shiny foil become gold bars; blue Jell-O jigglers cut into squares become water blocks and red Jell-O in cups are buckets of lava.

Rock candy becomes diamonds (which I was told should have been blue), chocolate-infused Rice Krispies treats topped with green candy melts become grass blocks. All of these snacks (we were not serving a meal) are very economical.

And, of course, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make Minecraft cake pops in Steves, grass blocks, pigs, TNTs and Creepers. Finally, I removed the labels off of water bottles and wrapped them in different colours of duct tape and BAM! Instant coolness factor.

9. The Cake

Homemade, by request, since this is my specialty (according to my kids). Aidan wanted a Steve head cake and I threw in the Creeper head just for fun.

What? One chocolate, one vanilla. Plus leftovers. Stay with me, here.

Each cake was a 6″ square cake, three-layers high — I was fully prepared to go four-layers high but it would have been overkill. Ha! The cakes were iced in vanilla and chocolate butter cream and painstakingly hand-painted with gel colours. I like to try anything once. This was not my preferred method of decorating.

Check out these Minecraft Steve and Creeper Cakes at
The cakes. Yep, one chocolate, one vanilla.

As you can see, Steve is not sitting quite perfectly square but, fortunately, 9-year old boys can be quite forgiving.

Also, I covered the cake board in green wrapping paper and added duct tape squares before sealing it in with clear packing tape and wrapping the edge in green ribbon. (It should be noted that the cakes were on separate food-safe boards before being placed on this cake board.)

After wiping it down I rather think it would make an eye-catching piece of art or bulletin board of sorts.

This Minecraft cake board can be repurposed into wall art!
Cake board-turned-wall art?

10. The Loot Bags

Let me just say how proud I am that I didn’t fall down the loot bag rabbit hole. Each guest received a Minecraft Hanger (keychain) which I bought from Party City, and a pack of pop rocks candy.

Oh, and cake pops.

But half the fun was the TNT loot bags which were red bags bought in an 8-pack on sale at Target wrapped in white duct tape with the names glued on. (These were sticky labels but the sticky factor on the duct tape didn’t last so glue reinforcements were required.)

If you like the tags you can download and print them by scrolling down and clicking the link.

Find out how to make this easy DIY Minecraft TNT block loot bag and thank-you tags. Hint: you'll need duct tape and hot glue.
Simple loot bags pack a big punch.

Bonus: Free Downloadable Printables

If you would like download any of our printables, just click on the links below which will give you a pdf file which you can either print as-is or edit in Photoshop to suit your needs.





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