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Over the years, including a brief period where she was selling her home-baked goodies under the name EG Cakes or Erica Gomez Cakes, Erica has honed her fondant-making abilities, tried and tested endless icing recipes and managed to, more-or-less successfully, turn out cake creations, as well as cupcakes and cake pops, for themed birthday parties and special occasions of all sorts.

Though Erica no longer operates EG Cakes, she continues to bake themed birthday cakes for her small army and, occasionally, a special cake here and there for close friends. She has posted nearly everyone of her creations in this EG Cakes Gallery in order to give you ideas for making your own cake, or perhaps ordering a similar one. Keep in mind, Erica is a self-taught baker and decorator, so if she can do it, then so can you!

Click below to find a Cake Gallery! A lot of these ideas and themes are interchangeable whether for kids, adults, boys and girls; however, they have been classified according to the intended recipient.

Birthday Cake Ideas for Girls

Birthday Cake Ideas for Boys

Birthday Cake Ideas for Twins and Siblings

Birthday Cake Ideas for Adults

Birthday Cake Ideas for Tweens

Special Celebration Cakes

Cake Pops for Birthdays

Cake Pop Character Ideas

Cake Pop Ideas for Holidays and Special Occasions

Cake Pop Ideas for Christmas

Cake Pop Ideas for Sports Fans

Cake Pops Made Simple



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